Make your buildings smart through IoT and big data analytics

The roll-out of the Internet of Things (IoT) enables organizations to make existing buildings smart. Technology is no longer a barrier. Low-cost wireless sensors can measure almost anything today and new wireless technology (e.g. LoRa) facilitates the installation of these sensors without the need for power, cabling or even WIFI connectivity.

The data captured from connected buildings can be used to:

  • Enhance building performance
  • Optimize resource usage
  • Target service delivery
  • Improve the employee experience in the workplace


Smart buildings start with smart scenarios

IoT big data can help you measure ongoing performance, provide real-time guidance to users and predict outcomes through pattern recognition and trends analysis. The trick is to gather the right data for what you want to optimize for.


A successful approach starts with defining key improvement areas and picking relevant scenarios. MCS brings a scenario development methodology that translates pain points into specific use cases, enabled by smart building technologies.

Big data integration and analytics is key to achieving value

Integrated analysis of data from sensors, IWMS/CAFM software, and other sources allows facility services and interventions to be driven by the realities on the ground, instead of being executed according to pre-defined schedules.

Getting from big data to actionable intelligence is more than a technology project however: it requires the right analytics tools and close collaboration between data scientists and workplace design, facility services or energy management specialists.

MCS brings a combination of advanced technologies and deep domain expertise that enables you to gain insight into performance drivers and to innovate your workplace and service management.

Benefits of myMCS Smart Buildings solution
  • End-to-end solution (sensors, connectivity, cloud, data management and analytics)
  • Reliable wireless technology for use in large buildings (LoRa: low power, long range)
  • Data interpretation by an integrated team of data scientists supported by MCS domain specialists
  • User-centric approach, enabling smart scenarios across different domains
  • Allows to rightsize space and service delivery based on actual usage
  • Leverages your existing investment in BMS and other building systems
  • Can integrate with your IWMS/CAFM and other systems


myMCS Smart Buildings solution framework


  • Sensors (presence, movement, ambient conditions, etc.)
  • Indoor positioning
  • User mood feedback
  • Energy metering
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Mobile work
  • Manual data
  • Financials/Accounting
  • Other enterprise applications
  • Public benchmarking data






  • Data capture, cleansing, normalization, aggregation
  • Data integration (real-time and historical data, structured and unstructured data)
  • BI: converting data into actionable intelligence, multi-level performance monitoring and optimization
  • Spatial representation and data visualization (floor plans, flows, occupancy, heatmaps, etc.)
  • Visualization of data for better insights
  • Analytics: discovery of data correlations across data sources, pattern recognition, predictive modelling, scenario development


  • Trigger smart actions through IWMS/CAFM (work orders, reservations, service alerts, corrective maintenance, etc.)
  • Fine-tune technical equipment in real time
  • Bidirectional sensors for light settings, HVAC tuning, etc.
  • Enable new scenarios across different domains
  • Closing the loop: planned versus actual scenarios
  • Drive workplace experience, service delivery and real estate performance